Concert Jazz

Adolph Sandole, a South Philadelphia-born innovative composer-arranger, jazz mentor and teacher of advanced music theory, founded Concert Jazz in 1971.

In 1976, the board of directors entrusted the enterprise to Edward Strauman, who has since remained its artistic director.

The mission of the organization is to elevate the art of jazz by the following means:
  • Creative Pursuits

    Supporting the creation of original jazz compositions and new arrangements of
    jazz standards

    Sponsoring performances of such works
    in established concert venues

    Documenting the music and performances
    with recordings

  • Education

    Mentoring young musicians

    Developing intergenerational improvisation
    workshops in which seasoned players
    guide beginners

    Lecturing and performing at elementary
    schools, high schools and colleges

    Presenting historical and analytical
    research at peer-reviewed conferences

    Writing articles for peer-refereed journals

    Publishing music and textbooks

    Participating in symposiums

  • Service

    Building relationships with city, state
    and national institutions that support
    worthwhile causes through a
    freehanded program entitled
    Concert Jazz Cares

    Raising funds for philanthropic associations

    Assisting charitable and humanitarian efforts
    of local, countrywide and international

    Advocating for social, environmental and
    global issues with an open-minded approach

    Endorsing government education programs
    with a non-partisan attitude


OFFICE: 215-753-3634
CELL: 215-802-0352

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